Welcome To My Website...

I'm Marie. Here you can read my articles and blogs and find out about my books, spiritual things and find out a little about me too.

These Are My Books

My first book self published is called Full And Overflowing, it's a collection of my poems, thoughts and photographs inspired by God's Creation. My second self published book is called "Pembrokeshire In Rhyme", also a collection of my poems, thoughts and photographs, this time inspired by Pembrokeshire. You can read more about both of my books in the Articles Section of this website.

This Is Me...

General - I live in the Vale of Glamorgan where I enjoy being with my family and friends, enjoy God's beautiful creation around me and where I am slowly but surely working on my next book.

Hobbies/Interests - Writing, music, art, photography, nature, reading, Celtic Christianity, Christian Animism, Paranormal.

Faith - I'm a follower of Christ, living out my faith in the Celtic Christianity way as much as possible. I am a member of The Aidan and Hilda Community (a Celtic Christianity community). I am also an adherent member of the Salvation Army.

Political - All people are equal and all people should have the same opportunities. There is no need for there to be inequality, hunger or poverty, yet there is inequality, hunger and poverty globally, Why? Mostly it's due to the greed, selfishness, and attitudes of contempt acted out by some of those who are in authority over countries and in other positions of authority throughout the world.

Support Me

If you don't mind waiting a while, you can order my books directly from me via my email link on this website. I will sign my books for you and send you a free surprise gift with the books.

If you would like to help me spread the word about my book, my work and this website, then please do the "share" thing on your social media, and if you have read and enjoyed my book, then please write a brief review on Amazon or Goodreads and leave a comment on the article about my book. Thank you.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please do explore the rest of my website. God bless you greatly.