A Brave and Safe place to explore Spirituality and more

Allow me to introduce you to Kasama.

Kasama is a registered charity and a community of people from many walks of life, traditions and spiritual paths. Their aim is to offer brave and safe spaces for people to explore the following  :-

Love without prejudice

Spirituality and the spiritual Jesus

Forgiveness and the possibility of reconciliation

Being human

They believe that all people are of equal worth, regardless of who they are, their personal identity, or their path. Their desire is to encourage everyone to be the best version of who they are while they grow a culture of respect, dignity, openness, compassion and learning. Their heart is that you feel welcome, accepted and valued whatever your background or views. Everyone is welcome in their safe spaces. 

For more details about Kasama, what they do and what their guidelines and values are, you can check them out on Face book. I've joined their face book group and have seen that everything I have said here and everything that Kasama say in the "About" section on Face book really is true. I've experienced and seen it.

The founders of Kasama are Glyn and Emma Moreton and anyone who knows them will tell you that they have the following qualities and much more: -



Love and kindness



All embracing



Generosity, Giving



I know them, they are my family and I am very proud of them, but don't think that I am bias; seriously, ask anyone who knows them, they will tell you about their goodness and the goodness of Kasama.

Marie Moreton