A Safe Wayto deal with The Paranormal

Allow me to introduce you to Matt Arnold and his website ghostsghoulsandgod.co.uk

Through articles, studies and investigations Matt explore the paranormal in the bible and the paranormal experiences encountered by Christians; and it is all done safely and with a biblical and Christian perspective.

Matt also investigates how to effectively deal with paranormal situations within what he calls a deliverance ministry with the aim of bringing wholeness and healing to people who are effected by paranormal situations.

His articles also educates Christians, from a biblical and Christian perspective about some of what is happening to in the spiritual realm, something that a lot of churches don't do, and with that he encourages us to follow the advice from St. Paul "To test everything here and hold on to that which is true."

I've read a lot of Matts articles and have joined his Face Book group. I've also recived some guidence from him, as he has helped me to understand some of my paranormal experiences and he has been very helpfull. As I have read his findings for myself and his articles on his website, I have been impressed with the quality of the investigating and presentation of all that I have read. I'm especially impressed by the way everything is measured against original translations of scripture, it's been a real eye opener. I see his ministry as a safe and honest way to seek help and ask questions about your own paranormal experiences, especially if you are a follower of Christ who has been unable to get answers from your church. 

If you want help, answers or more understanding about these things, then here is a safe place to look and ask.

https//: www.ghostsgoulsandgod.co.uk