About My Books Pembrokeshire In Rhyme and Full and Overflowing


My first book Full And Overflowing is a collection of my poems, thoughts and photographs. The theme throughout speaks of God's creation and nature. Within it's pages, you will catch glimpses of my experiences and feelings about nature and creation. You will also see the photographs I took that go hand in hand with these experiences and feelings. I'm told that I write the same way that I speak, so hopefully, as you read my book, it will feel as if I am speaking to you personally. I'm told, by those who have read my book and my other work, that this is considered and appreciated as a special gift. 

There is an amazing story as to how this book came into being. In 2015 I had produced, on an A4 sheet, something that I called Poem Photos. That is my poems with a photo. I was selling them locally. People started saying to me that I should put them into a book. Well, for many years it had been a dream of mine to write and publish a book but I had never had the confidence to do it. For years I had been writing on and off, but I never did anything about it, until recently.

Anyway, after enough people had encouraged me and after I had enough conformation that I should write and publish a book, early 2016 I started to write my first book, in faith, because I had no money and therefore no idea how or when my book was going to come into being.

Then something amazing happened. One day,out of the blue, a Christian friend came to see me. My friend explained how they felt that God wanted them to help certain people in their ministries, and how I was one of those people that they were meant to help. Then my friend handed me an envelope and told me to open it. I opened it, I was rendered speechless, for inside this envelope was the money that I needed to get my book published! I was overwhelmed and humbled, not only because of the gift of money, but also because my friend regarded my writing as my ministry. Of course I thanked my friend, I couldn't thank my friend or God enough.

To cut a long story short, I finished my book and on the self publishing route it was published by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited 16th December 2016. My dream had finally become a reality, my book had come into being.

You can buy my book Full And Overflowing ISBN 9781786238139 from many book shops like Gardners, Amazon and my publishers Grosvenor House publishers.

You can also buy my book from my favorite cafe in Pembroke Dock The Cwtch.

Also, if you would like a signed copy of my book from me and don't mind waiting, then contact me and place your order and I will also send you a surprise free gift. To buy from me, the total price, which includes postage and packaging in the UK will be £16.  

Marie Moreton 


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My second book Pembrokeshire In Rhyme is also a collection of my poems thoughts and photographs, but this time inspired by Pembrokeshire. It speaks of my experiences and adventures in various beautiful and historical places in Pembrokeshire.

Just as Gods creation inspired me to write my first book, so Pembrokeshire's beauty and legends have inspired me to write my second book Pembrokeshire In Rhyme, with the introduction being a poem called "I Love Pembrokeshire!" Through this book, I hope that you will be able to see Pembrokeshire through my eyes and heart as I reveal to you the beauty and wonder I have seen, the adventures I have experienced and the mystery, history and legends I have found. 

This book came into being through another 2 miracles. Remember I told you about a donation I received for my first book? Well, I received 2 donations this time, these donations made it possible to get Pembrokeshire In Rhyme published. Both donation givers encouraged me as they told me that they believed in me, in what I was doing and that they felt that it was my gift and ministry. So I will keep on writing, as I have at least 2 more books in me....at the moment. 

You can buy Pembrokeshire In Rhyme ISBN 9781786232946 from many major retailers such as Waterstones, Gardners, Amazon and by clicking on the links below. Alternatively, you can email me to order a signed copy of my book for £16, price includes postage and package. I will also send you a surprise free gift if you order from me.

Marie Moreton