All Good Gifts...(and their good companies)

The Gift Experience

The first gift company I want to tell you about is The Gift Experience. They have just about everything for everyone. They have children's, babies and christening gifts, gifts for women, gifts for men, experience day gifts, all occasion gifts, Christmas gifts and much more. The much more includes embroidery and engraved gifts, luxury gifts, personalized gits and more again. 

It's also good to know that this company gives student discount and youth discount and have special offer gifts. With this in mind, and the several delivery options and the good customer feed back, as well as their vast selection of gifts, they are an ideal company to buy gifts from.

This family run business have run various business awards including awards for customer service, best use o digital technology and more. They have been in business since October 2003 and most of their gifts are engraved and printed in - house. 

One of my favorite gifts that this company have is a wedding gift called The First Dance gift. This is a unique and personalized gift consisting of a personalized replica gold disc of the happy couples first dance, a photo of the happy couple and a personal message plaque. All this is presented in an aluminium silver frame and on a black background.  


The second gift company I'd like to tell you about is a company called Menkind.  Their website is almost like an Aladdin's cave for men, with hoards of manly gifts and gadgets. In this Aladdin's cave you will find technical  gifts, gadget gifts, fun gifts, personalized gifts and much much more. You will find gifts for all occasions including stag do's and their gifts  range from under £20 to over £100. RED 5 joined Menkind so you will see their products on the website too.

I have personal experience of this companies customer service, as I bought my son a Poloriod 3D Pen from them. Their service was quick, efficient and professional, informing me every step of the way of the process of my order, I had the pen delivered to my son's house and they delivered on time. They offer you free delivery on orders over £50 too and easy returns. You can contact them by phone, email and their website. On their website they also have a thorough "Frequently Asked Questions" page and a store locator, both very helpful.  

I recommend Menkind to you, so follow the link below and explore their amazing gifts and gadgets for yourself.  


Their Products

In any Thorntons shop and on their website you will see a vast variety of hand made chocolates and sweets in the form of, truffles, fondants, creams, bars of chocolates, toffee's, jellies and much more. I have been a happy customer and recipient of Thorntons chocolates on many occasions and I can honestly vouch for their melt in the mouth gorgeousness! And their precisely detailed quality. 

You will also see some tasty tempting gift ideas for everyone and for every occasion. They have personalized chocolate, chocolate hampers, Easter eggs, chocolate and sweet bundles and gift sets and flowers and chocolate sets, and there's more.

Here are a few examples of the gift sets for Mothers Day that they have. They have the Personalized Continental Box, the Personalized Heart Chocolate Box and the Premium Fanfare Rose Bouquet and Continental Box. 

Their Customer Service

I've always found their customer service to be excellent, very professional and friendly. There are always special offers and free gifts available, so keep a look out for these. On their website they offer 3 types of delivery and free standard delivery on orders over £25. They have a thorough FAQ's page that is very helpful and a contact form and phone numbers for ease of contacting the relevant department for your inquiry. They have a store locator for you to find a store near you. You can also singe up for your own account too.  Follow this link and go shopping for some of their gorgeous yummy treats.

More to come.

Marie Moreton