Grosvenor House Publishing Limited


Grosvenor House Publishing Limited is a publishing company especially for self publishing. With a long standing good reputation and excellent customer services they are one of the most cost effective self publishing companies in the UK. Their aim is to produce quality printed books at a very reasonable cost. To squash the arguments of those who have a negative attitude towards people who go down the self publishing route, this company are honest and selective about what they will and will not publish. They make it clear that if your book does not meet their standards in any way, they will tell you and they wont publish it. 

The Key people in this company are Graham Taylor a director and co founders Kim Cross and Jason Kosbab.

Graham Taylor is a best selling author, he wrote Shadowmanner, Wormwood and Temias. It was his own experience of self publishing his first novel Shadowmanner with Grosvenor House Publishing Limited that led him to becomig a director in the company. Kim Cross is also an author, he wrote The Suicide Bomber. It was his frustration of trying to get publishers to read his book that led him to starting this company. Jason Kosbab one day had a chance meeting with Kim Cross and discovered that they had experienced the same frustrations with the publishing world, as he had tried to get publishers to read the children's books he had written. Then eventually, Grosvenor House Publishing Limited was born.


Grosvenor House Publishing Limited specialize in paperback and hardback books and do publish other books like poem books, children's books, cooking books and graduation books. Their website explains very clearly everything that is involved in self publishing, like ISBN numbers, printing, type setting and book cover. It also explains what print on demand is, book printing costs, other costs and royalties, how to publish and market your book and much more.


At the time of writing this article and as stated on their website you can self publish your book with them for £795 (size of book and number of pages MAY change this price) for which you will get the following:- 

  • Full text type setting of your manuscript.
  • Design your book cover online with their unique design module. 
  • Choice of over 900 full color  cover images.
  • High resolution type setting of your text and cover.
  • A PDF proof of your book emailed to you prior to final printing.
  • 5 complimentary copies of your new book.
  • An ISBN number.
  • Internet distribution with Amazon for 1 year.
  • Wholesale distribution with Betrams, Gardners and Neilsons throughout the UK.
  • Placed on legal deposit with National Libraries. 
  • Ability to re order your book starting from just 1 copy.
  • They aim to deliver your book within 3 weeks from approval of copy. 

Their marketing packages are effective and worth exploring too, they include a website, posters and postcards.


I was very pleased with the service and support I got from Grosvenor House Publishers. They kept me informed of the whole production and publishing process of my book at every stage. I was frequently emailing them with questions and they were very quick and thorough in answering my questions always in a professional and friendly manor. 

They produced my book of poems and photographs as a hardback book with a little less than 50 pages. I gave them the photos and the words and I trusted them with the lay out and presentation. I was delighted with the result, as were my family and friends. Everyone referred to it as a beautiful book.   

I placed regular orders of 10 copies of my book for selling at promotion events, and not only did they deliver within 5-7 days, they kept me informed of the whole process from order to delivery.

I was so impressed with this company that I decided I would have my next book published with them too. I highly recommend Grosvenor House Publishing Limited to you.   

Marie Moreton

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