My Next Book Progress Report

November 2019  

Due to some big changes in my life like looking after my grandson 2/3 days a week, getting married and moving, work on my next book has recently slowed down. However, now things have settled down, things are progressing slowly but surely.

January 2019 My Next Book

I properly started my next book slowly in November 2018. I now have the first section almost completed, in draught that is, I am yet to type it up. I have just started the second section of my next book. The book will be different to my other two books, but it will still consist of poems and thoughts, and there will be 3 sections to it. That is all I am going to give away for now.

7th July 2018 Pembrokeshire In Rhyme Is Ready To Buy 

My new book "Pembrokeshire In Rhyme" is now ready for you to buy from Waterstones, Gardners, Amazon and soon from other retailers too. There will soon be a "Look Inside" feature for my book on Amazon in about 10 days from this date so that you can look inside and get a feel for my book.

Keep a look out on my Events List so that you can enter prize draw competitions to win signed copies of my books.

2nd July 2018 My Next Book Will Be Available Next Week!

I received an email from my publisher telling me that my next book, "Pembrokeshire In Rhyme" should be listed firstly on Amazon by approximately 9th July, then on other major retailers sites very soon after. So keep watching my website and social media for more details. My next book is Pembrokeshire In Rhyme ISBN 978-1-78623-294-6.

1st June 2018 My Next Book is in the hands of The Publisher!

On 29th May 2018, I completed the process of sending my book to Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd. so my next book is now in the hands of the publisher. I had received 2 donations that helped make this second book possible. Thank you again to those of you who gave me the donations.

My second book is a collection of poems, thoughts and photographs inspired by Pembrokeshire. The title of this book is "Pembrokeshire in Rhyme".

 All being well, my book should be ready before the school summer holidays, and as soon as I get a confirmed publishing/release date I will let you know. Thank you to all my supporters.  

10th April 2018 Book Progress Report So Far

I have been busy working on the finishing touches for my next book and I've added another poem to the book. I am typing it all up and am hoping to have it ready to send to the publishers by end of May. I need to make the final decisions about what photographs of mine I am going to have in the book too.

I have received a donation towards the cost of publishing my next book and there is another donation on the way. So I'm not far away from having enough funds to have my next book published. I will reveal the title and subject of my next book when I send it to the publishers. A special thank you to those of you who gave me donations and to those of you who have been a constant source of encouragement.

30th August 2017 Book Progress Report So Far

I have finished writing my poems for my next book, but they are still in the hand written in a note book stage. Next, I will sort out which of my photos are going to go with which of my poems. Then I will write another short article that will be included in my book and the other pieces I need to write. When all this is done, I will then type it all up, get it proof read and then upload it all to my publishers, after I've raised enough funds to do so that is. I will reveal the title of my next book when I send it to the publishers. 

If you would like to help me raise funds or my next book then please shop for gifts and books through my affiliate links in my articles, and of course you can buy my book too.