Who Are They?

Oriflame are an international beauty company with a 45 year history of direct selling in more than 60 countries around the world. They were founded in 1967 by two brothers and their friends and their vision,core values and products contributed to their success in what they do and in making the world a better place at the same time. Their core values are togetherness, spirit and passion. Their fundamental operating principles are respect for people and nature. This is reflected in many of their social and environmental policies.  

What Do They Do?

Oriflame are best known for  developing and selling their own brands of beauty products. Their Love Nature and Eco Beauty brands especially are made with natural products and are environmentally friendly. 

In their Skin Research Institute they have over 100 scientists with state of the art R and D facilities who are always searching for better technologies and solutions for their products, and this is where the life of Oriflame's products begin. 

Oriflame also offers people business opportunities by offering people a free website and free training to sell their products and then people earn a commission on what they sell.  

Oriflame also support many charities and are co founders of the World Childhood Foundation.

Their Products

The products that Oriflame have to offer are in the ranges of skin care, make up, fragrances, bath and body, hair, accessories, wellness, weight loss, health and anti ageing, kids health and ranges for men. They have a number of their own brands too.

To highlight two of their brands I will tell you a little about their Love Nature brand and their Eco Beauty brand. The products of both of these brands are environmentally responsible.  

Their Love nature brand are especially created to respect the body and the planet with biodegradable formulas. 

  • All of the Love Nature rinse off products are are biodegradable.

  • All of the Love Nature hair products are silicon free.

  • All of the Love Nature exfoliating products use natural origin scrub beads.  

Regarding their Eco Beauty brands, all the products in this brand are of natural and certified organic origins.

  • Their Eco Beauty face cream and eye cream are certified by Fair Trade.

  • Their are no silicon, mineral oils or synthetic fragrances in their products.


If you want health and beauty products that are genuinely natural and respect the body and the planet then I recommend Oriflame to you. If you want a business opportunity that respects the planet then Orilfame is the business to choose. Click the link below to see their products and find out more about their business opportunity. 


Marie Moreton