The Cwtch Coffee Shop in Pembroke Dock


23, Diamond Street, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6BT

The Cwtch Coffee Shop, owned and run by managers Mike and Keo  is my favourite coffee shop in Pembrokeshire. It is very popular and is well known for the lovely home made cakes and breads that both Mike and Keo make, and for the home cooking that they both do.   It is also well known as a coffee shop with an art gallery and a music venue. 

By day, from 9 am to 5 pm, you can enjoy the cozy friendly atmosphere of this coffee shop and indulge in the delicious variety of the coffee and food that it has to offer. 

By night, you can enjoy good quality live musical entertainment over a cup of tea or coffee or glass of wine. The music events are always with live bands and are informal. Examples of the styles of music in these events are Celtic, Americana, Roots and Electrical. 

The music venue is small and stylish complete with lights and black drapes that help to create the ideal atmosphere. The art gallery is situated downstairs and has it's own comfy seating area, sometimes with music. 

Mike and Keo support the community by displaying various types of works by local artists on the walls of their cafe. They also sell books by local authors and other books and sell some other products made by local artists. 

I can highly recommend Cwtch Coffee Shop to you. Their customer service is excellent and has a warm and friendly touch to it. The atmosphere is as warm as their coffee, if not warmer, and it is always relaxing and friendly. It is a place I go to to sit and chill and think with my hands round a cup of one of their warm lattes.  I always feel so much better after a visit to Mike and Keo's Cwtch Coffee Shop. So, when you are in Pembrokeshire, make time to visit the Cwtch Coffee Shop in Pembroke Dock.

Marie Moreton