This Follower of Christ

This follower of Christ is NOT perfect. She makes mistakes, she fails and she sins daily; but she has  Christ who loves her and forgives her every time she confesses to Him and says sorry. God is constantly working on her, helping her to be and do all that He wants her to be and do.

This follower of Christ does the best she can to follow Christ and His ways and learn more about Him, ALL about Him.

This follower of Christ loves and embraces Christ in all His fullness, this includes His humanness, His supernaturalness, His righteousness, His authority, His kingdom and realm, seen and unseen, His creativeness, His forgiveness, His unconditional love and the fact that He is God. He is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

This follower of Christ has broken free from the institutionalisation of religion and is free to seek God for herself and decide for herself what she believes and what God might be saying in situations. She is also sensible enough to seek advice, input, teaching and ministry from the right people who are right for her, according to Gods will and purposes. So, don't put her in a box, don't put a label on her and don't decide for her what she believes, thinks and feels about things. Don't assume that you know what she believes, thinks and feels about things either, if you genuinely want to know, just ask her.

This follower of Christ prays a lot. Her prayer life has often taken her into unseen realms and had astonishing results. Never underestimate prayer. Never underestimate God.

This follower of Christ is a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, an aunty, a cousin, a friend and an ordinary human being, and she loves her family and friends dearly.

This follower of Christ is me.

Marie Moreton