A Brief History

Thorntons have been crafting their delicious chocolate for over 100 years. They started in 1911 when Joseph William Thornton who was a travelling confectionery opened a sweet shop in Sheffield. He handed over the running of this sweet shop to his 14 year old son Norman, telling him to make it the best sweet shop in town. Norman was making such a success of the sweet shop that he brought in his brother to help. By the 1920's they were making hand made truffles, fondants and toffee's. Success continued and by the 1970's they had nearly 90 shops and now, according to an article on their website, they have 228 shops, still crafting their own chocolate and still using only the finest co co beans to do so.  

Their Products

In any Thornton's shop and on their website you will see a vast variety of hand made chocolates and sweets in the form of, truffles, fondants, creams, bars of chocolates, toffee's, jellies and much more. I have been a happy customer and recipient of Thornton's chocolates on many occasions and I can honestly vouch for their melt in the mouth gorgeousness! And their precisely detailed quality. 

You will also see some tasty tempting gift ideas for everyone and for every occasion. They have personalized chocolate, chocolate hampers, Easter eggs, chocolate and sweet bundles and gift sets and flowers and chocolate sets, and there's more.

Here are a few examples of the gift sets for Mothers Day that they have. They have the Personalized Continental Box, the Personalized Heart Chocolate Box and the Premium Fanfare Rose Bouquet and Continental Box. 

Their Customer Service

I've always found their customer service to be excellent, very professional and friendly. There are always special offers and free gifts available, so keep a look out for these. On their website they offer 3 types of delivery and free standard delivery on orders over £25. They have a thorough FAQ's page that is very helpful and a contact form and phone numbers for ease of contacting the relevant department for your enquiry. They have a store locator for you to find a store near you. You can also singe up for your own account too.  

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Thortons fully support and are committed to the goals of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. You can read the acts complete statement on their website. 

Personal Recommendation

Like I have already said, I can personally vouch for the melt in the mouth gorgeousness and the precisely detailed quality of Thorntons Chocolates and for the excellent, professional and friendly customer service that Thortons give. So I recommend that you follow the link below and try their chocolates for yourself.

Marie Moreton