A Thorntons Experience

25 Apr

This year, I ordered all my chocolate Easter gifts for my family from Thorntons. Of course I treated myself too, and to say that I was impressed with their delicious chocolate was an understatement! I ordered myself some of their chocolate bars and I discovered that I especially liked the Honey Comb Crisp and Orange Crisp Chocolate Bars. With the Orange Crisp Chocolate Bar, I firstly got that warm and sweet silky feeling as the chocolate melted in my mouth, then I was hit with a burst of zing from the orange crisp pieces doing a dance over my tongue! Mmm, such a delicious combination. 

I placed my order online and I was impressed at how easy it was to do this. I was also impressed at the friendly, professional and thorough service I got. They kept me informed of the process of my order all the way through to delivery. When my order arrived, everything was well packed and protected by extra paper, and there was evidence on the check list that they had checked everything I ordered was in the box before they sent it off. I found a list that showed a tick by each item I had ordered. Indeed, everything was there and in brilliant condition.   

I bought the Thorntons box of chocolates for my daughter and her husband and for my son and his girlfriend. I bought the Butterfly Easter Egg for my granddaughter, which turned out to be a big hit for her. 

I presented my granddaughter (1 year and 9 months) with the Easter egg, and first of all she was fascinate with the butterfly on the egg, she was repeatedly saying “Butterfly” and doing the mackaton singe for butterfly. Then, her Daddy gave her a very small piece, she started to eat it and then smiled and said, “Mmm delicious” When she finished her small piece of chocolate, she went up to her Daddy, holding one finger up and said, “ One more.”  So Daddy being a good and sensible Daddy said, “OK, one more then all gone.” Then she ate her other small piece of gocklate (my granddaughters word for chocolate), smiled again and said, “Mmm delicious”. 

So now, after this good experience I had, both with Thorntons chocolates and placing my order online, I recommend Thorntons chocolates to you, treat yourself and place your order today by clicking on the link below. In the words of my granddaughter, Thorntons Chocolates are, “Mmm delicious.” 


Marie Moreton

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