All because of the Beast from the East

03 Feb

All Because of the Beast from the East

Cold winds are blowing

Heavy snow is falling.

Many school closings

And red and amber weather warnings.

Train and flight cancellations

And commuters frustrations. 

All this because of the Beast from the East.

Roads unpassable causing everyone to change their plans

And making farmers work even harder to keep alive their new born lambs.

Temperatures falling below zero causing some ponds and rivers to freeze

People stranded, cut off and in need and other people responding to the cries and pleas.

People everywhere showing compassion and kindness

People opening their doors to feed and support the homeless.

Care staff and NHS staff working above and beyond normal duties

To keep vital services going and to keep caring for people in their communities.

All emergency services and all voluntary services doing all that they can 

To venture out and help out their fellow man.

Something special happened amongst all this severe weather disruption,

Peoples hearts were moved with compassion and they took action.

All this because of the Beast from the East.

 By Marie Moreton  


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