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30 Aug


Here is where I do my best to answer as many of your questions as possible about what I do and about anything I have written on this website. Feel free to ask me questions by responding to this blog or by email. If I get a lot of questions, then it might take me a while to answer you. I look forward to hearing from you.


Answering John Roberts Question

The story behind my poem "When the Blackcap sang his song For Me" is this.

My best friend and I were walking round Bosherton Lakes when we heard a beautiful bird song. Our eyes searched the trees, then we found the blackcap singing his little heart out. After taking some photos, we stood there for ages listening to his his song. It was a special moment in nature that I felt privileged to have experienced.  

Answering John Roberts Question

The photo for "When Your Days Look Dull and Misty....." is one I took in Pembroke Dock. I took it because I thought that even though it was a dull and misty day, everything still looked beautiful (and yes, it does look  mysterious). Then, as you have seen in my book, I put this thought with that photo, "When your days look dull and misty, look again, you might see some beauty". 

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