Autumn Thoughts

05 Sep

For me, autumn is a season of preparation. In nature you see leaves starting to fall away from their trees, in preparation for the old to die away and for the new leaves to come in the spring. The leaves fall to the ground, and as they die, their goodness enriches the earth in preparation for new plants to grow in the spring. You see some of the animals preparing to hibernate for the winter and you see some of the birds preparing to migrate. 

Sometimes our lives can have an autumn season, and it can make us feel unsettled as we see changes starting to occur and chapters in our lives seemingly coming to an end. However, we need not fear, because these changes are in preparation for new things and new people to come into our lives. Sometimes, some things will come to an end because there is a season or everything, but whatever it is that has ended, is often replaced by something new.

What are your thoughts on all this? 

Marie Moreton

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