I Love Pembrokeshire!

30 Aug

Well, I live in Pembrokeshire, I love Pembrokeshire, so my first blog has to be about Pembrokeshire. 

I really do love all the beautiful places and stunning breath taking views of coastal path walks that I often explore and photograph in Pembrokeshire. There are certain activities that I very much enjoy in this part of Wales too. I will tell you about 3 of these places and activities.

Beautiful Places

My most favorite place of all in Pembrokeshire is Skomer Island (pictured above). It is a paradise of natures wonders such as puffins and guillemots in their thousands, razorbills and other sea birds, seals, rabbits, and  more birds and natures treasures. It's full of yellow gauze in the summer and vivid bluebells in the spring. My friend and I are frequent visitors and I highly recommend you visit this island too. This place had such an impact on me that I wrote 2 poems about it, one of which is in my 1st book "Full And Overflowing" and the other poem is in my 2nd  book "Pembrokeshire In Rhyme".

Another special place that I visit and explore often is Amroth Beach. It's a special beach because a storm uncovered and revealed it's very long hidden secret, an ancient sunken forest. When the tide is out, you will be able to see the remains of ancient tree trunks and roots. This beach also has a wealth of rock pools to explore and seems to be a popular place for oyster catchers. It's simply a lovely place to be, and I've written a poem about it which is in my 2nd book "Pembrokeshire In Rhyme". 

There is also an intriguing place of history and legend. St. Govan's Chapel, built out of the cliffs by a monk. The legends say that this monk was being chased by pirates and he called out to God for help. A rock opened up, and he hid in this rock and was saved from the pirates. In thanks to God, this monk Govan, built this tiny chapel out of the cliffs where he lived the rest of his life in worship to God. The scenery in this place is of a dramatic rugged beauty with it's jagged rocks and cliffs, and as you count the steps from the chapel going down to the beach and count them going back up again, you will be mystified at how the number of steps are never the same. I've written a poem about this place too which is also  in my 2nd book "Pembrokeshire In Rhyme". 

Great Activities 

Here are just 3 of my favorite activities in Pembrokeshire (after visiting Skomer Island) are as follows:-

1. The Seal Safari in Tenby. I found this boat trip to be a fascinating and exhilarating experience as we were able to get close to the seals and see them and photograph them laying on the rocks and swimming around. I felt so privileged to be so close to these wonderful creatures.

2. Pembrokeshire Falconry. Based at Picton Castle, owners Emma and Alex, turning up at various venues with their incredible birds of prey put on magnificent displays that show off the power and skills of these birds. It is thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring to watch and it's an education too as Emma tells you about each bird. You can also hold their birds for £1 a go at these events. My friend and I have been to many of these displays and I have held their red kite birds. If you visit their website, it will tell you about their other special experiences with these birds that they offer. I wrote a poem about one of their red kites named Scarlet which is in my 1st book "Full and Overflowing".

3.  Tenby Sea Fishing. I have enjoyed fishing for mackerel and deep sea fishing with my son on these fishing trips many times. I even caught a smooth hound once! It is a fun activity, they provide the rods and bait, they teach you how to use the rods and bait the hooks and they may even fillet your catch for you too. Oh yes, you keep what you catch, unless there is a specific reason why you have to throw it back into the sea. Always a fun and fulfilling time.   

All these are just a few of my favorite places and activities in Pembrokeshire. There is so much more to see  and do and discover.  I will be writing more blogs about Pembrokeshire, so keep a look out for them.

PS ALERT!! Since writing this blog, Skomer Island has recently suffered a lot of damage to property and a big loss to wildlife after a server storm. They need to raise funds to repair the damage that has been done by the storm. For more details and to give a donation visit their website.

Marie Moreton


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