My 90,000 Gannets on Grassholm Experience

09 Jul

The day I saw 90,000 gannets on Grassholme Island in Pembrokeshire is a day that I will never forget! It was phenomenal!

We went to the Island by boat with Dale Sailing, leaving from Martins Bay. It was a pleasant trip that sailed passed Skomer Island, so we saw some puffins on our way to Grassholme.

As we were getting nearer and nearer to the Island, I started seeing more and more gannets flying around. From a distance the island looked like it was topped with snow, but as we got nearer, we could see that it wasn't snow, it was gannets, this rock island was jam packed full of gannets, with hardly any free space left. You couldn't land the the island, there would be no where for you to walk.

Then the special eagerly awaited moment came when we arrived at the island and stopped to admire with wonder the spectacular sights and sounds of nature that were all around us. 

As we arrived and stopped, to me, it felt like I had gone through an invisible veil and into another realm. I felt like I was in a little piece of Heaven enclosed within this invisible veil that was shutting the rest of the world out. I was speechless and awestruck as I watched the 90,000 gannets flying all round and all above the island and everywhere and as I watched them landing and sitting on the island too. I was moved as I listened to their songs and cries, the volume was ringing so loudly yet harmoniously in my ears and heart; and when some of these incredible birds flew close by me, I had a close up view of how beautiful they were, for example, the pale orange blush around their eyes were rather striking.

I simply cannot put any more of this experience of mine into words, for it was too wonderful for words. You will just have to take this trip to Grassholme to see the gannets and see for yourself how amazingly wonderful it is. 

Marie Moreton

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