My Health Issues vs My Employability.....The Result

01 May

Previous Employment

For years I worked as a support worker working with adults with learning disabilities and I loved my job. I used to drive too. Today, I can't drive any more and my health issues have a negative impact on me working as a support worker again, I know because I have tried. I tried other jobs too, cleaning, shop assistant, cafe work and found that I couldn't keep up with everyone else, that I was going home in pain every day and in tears too some days because of the level of pain, and I also found that if I got stressed then that would trigger my epilepsy problems. 

Health Issues 

The health issues I have that have had such a negative impact on my employability are epilepsy and fibromyalgia. The epilepsy I have been diagnosed with is temporal lobe epilepsy. I have blank outs, the only way I can describe it is, it's as if I suddenly don't exist, I've gone and then when I come back, I have no idea of what's happened, what's been said, and if this happens while I'm travelling, then I get confused because sometimes, for a few minuets I don't recognize where I am. All this is sometimes scary and can be a bit of a confidence shaker. 

Regarding the fibromyalgia, well, in a nut shell, I am in pain of varying degrees continuously, yep, 24/7 and the pain is just about everywhere. I was diagnosed with this in 2010 and was told that it was partly due to the tendons in my body being inflamed. Everything I do causes pain and slows me down and even though it caused me problems in the work place, I am determined that it is not going to stop me from doing as much as I can, even if I am ten times slower than everyone else. Also, just to add to the mix, partly as a result of these health issues and partly as a result of some traumatic events that happened in my life, I had depression for a while too for which I sought professional help and am over that now, apart from the occasional battle when the dark clouds approach. 

The Result

The result is that I didn't want to be unemployed, (I was for a while and it was not nice at all) so,  I am now self employed and have been so since 2014. Last year (2017) I changed my focus of being self employed. I am now an author and affiliate. I have written a book “Full and Overflowing” that I had published with Grosvenor House Publishing in 2016 and the affiliate work I do through AWIN is to help me raise funds for my next books. I started the affiliate work last year, writing articles and blogs to promote companies and their products, my niche for this is books, gifts, natural products and Pembrokeshire. You can see my work on my website (explore further after you've read this blog) and social media. 

I have not made a fortune, in fact, since 2016, I have only made enough to get my next book published, (most of that was through donations) not to pay myself anything yet, but it is a positive start and who knows where it could all lead to. 

Most importantly though, I am happy because I am doing something I love doing, as I combine my love of writing poems and photography to write my books and my love of writing to write articles and blogs. I am happy and full of hope for a good future. 

Marie Moreton

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