02 Sep

The Wind Brings Change

Be it a gentle breeze or a gale force wind, nothing is ever the same after it has been touched by the wind. In a gentle breeze a petal may fall from a rose or the dust on the ground will have been to somewhere else. In a gale force wind a tree will have been blown down or properties will have been damaged or destroyed. Nothing is ever the same after it has been touched by the wind.

The bible says that the Holy Spirit is like the wind, as in that you don't know where it comes from or where it is going. However, whenever the Holy Spirit touches lives and situations, it is always for positive change and those lives and situations will never be the same again. The Holy Spirit may do His work gently or powerfully, but He will always do His work out of love and always bring positive change. His work may be subtle so that you hardly notice a change unless you are paying attention or His work may be so definite and obvious that you can't miss the change. Sometimes His work might look as if everything has been destroyed when you see churches and projects and people collapsing, but what is really going on is that after events have happened and had their effect, the Holy Spirit is beginning His work to bring about cleansing, healing, restoration, forgiveness, reconciliation, improvements or the next stage of Gods will. You can see evidence of the Holy Spirit working like this, for example, in the revealing of wrong doings, in the tears of repentant people, in the cries of those releasing all their pain to God, in the joyful chatter and laughter of people blessed by God and in the transformation of lives and situations that are better than thy were before. Whenever the Holy Spirit touches lives and situations He always does so in love and for positive change and those lives and situations will never be the same.

The Wind Gives Voice

The wind gives voice to all of creation. When you hear the rustling of reeds by a lake or leaves in a tree, they are speaking. When the waves roar and crash, they are speaking. When the space wind blasts from the black hole and the solar wind brings particles from the sun to the earth, these wonders of creation are speaking and I believe that all creation speaks of the Divine Creator.

The Holy Spirit gives voice too. When we can't express out thoughts and feelings and when we don't know what to pray, the Holy Spirit intercedes and speaks our thoughts and feelings to God for us.

The Wind Has A Voice

The wind speaks with it's own voice too, for example, have you ever just stood still on a windy day and with ears uncovered just listened to the sounds and tones the wind creates in your ears? Have you ever stood long enough to listen and feel the different sounds and tones the wind makes in your ears? Have you ever noticed how the winds sounds and tones seem to go deep within you and fill you? and then something happens that you can't put into words and it makes you different somehow.

Sometimes it's a bit like that when the Holy Spirit speaks to me, as He has a voice too you know. Sometimes it's a bit like that when He fills me with Himself as well. I sit in His presence with uncovered ears and listen. Then I feel words, or see pictures or visions, and I feel all of this going deep within me, deep in my heart and filling me too. Then something that I can't put into words happens and it changes me somehow, in a positive way. The Holy Spirit has touched my life, my soul and my whole being in a loving and positive way and brought about a positive change. His work in my life is ongoing.

Marie Moreton 

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